Policies, Trust, and Old Posts

So I have been looking through my web site debating what to write about in the last few weeks and I keep either pulling up older posts or starting new post thinking I will complete writing them. There always seems to be a desire to write, but not the will to actually put the pen to the paper. I also often times think about why am I writing this at all? As my wife would say "no one is reading this." So am I just writing for the sake of it? Regardless I think that is okay.

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Learning Ansible

So I have transitioned to a new job, but that hasn't stopped me from wanting to learn some of the things that I had been trying to do at my last job. One of those things was to learn Ansible, which is a way to automate some of the deployments for systems. I was looking at how could I use it to manage the Linux workstations that we were using. So I had been playing with it at Home, and finally have it working in some basic deployment situations. So far making sure that I have certain packages installed.

Reflecting on 2016

So before I go posting anything about what I want to accomplish during 2017 I should probably stop and look at what I set out to do in 2016. So last year
I posted my resolutions/goals for 2016. So for a quick recap the goals are the first bullets and the secondary bullets are how I felt I did.

New ISP Provider

So last year about this time we were able to switch our ISP from Time Warner Cable to a local company called Greenlight Networks . To me it wasn't about just getting rid of Time Warner Cable, but rather knowing that the Technology that I was buying was more robust than the Coax service that Time Warner would be providing.

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2016 Goals

So I saw a few other people posting their resolutions/goals for 2016, so I thought maybe I should. If it is public at least then someone can call me out on not finishing them.

Garden 2015

So one of the things that we tried last year and did okay with was a garden, so this Spring we gave it another go. This Spring unfortunately was a bit cooler and wetter than it was last year, but I think all and all we are doing okay. Overall I like the little bit of a challenge as well as knowing that I grew something I am eating.

This year we planted a few different things, so here here is our list and what seems to be going well at this point. The first set are our new attempts;

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