14 March 2020

By tadgeobrien, 14 March, 2020

So we are officially being affected by the pandemic here in Rochester NY. They have closed our Counties schools today for an undetermined amount of time. So today we headed out to the Public Market and grabbed some food since all of the supermarkets are being overwhelmed by people going a little overboard with buying toilet paper. Then we headed to our local pet store to grab some cat food then to the local Coop that we belong to. It was pretty amazing there to see all of the people shopping. We grabbed a few additional items that we knew we needed for upcoming meals and then headed home.

After we unpacked a few of the groceries and cut up some vegetables for one of the meals we decided that it would be a good idea to go over to Carroll's bar and grab some corn beef and cabbage. Since it was supposed to be St. Patty's day parade today, but do to the concern about large gatherings with COVID-19 in our area they postponed the parade. So we grabbed a to go platter since it people were also being asked not to gather in large areas.

Since we had our corn beef we headed to the local Topps grocery store to see what things were like and since we needed one or two last items for the week this seemed to make the most sense. Sure enough the lines were full of people and there were quite a few picked over shelves. We grabbed a few of the things that we needed and headed back home. So now we have to figure out what we are going to be doing over the next week or so since we can at least stay busy. We will keep track of what we are doing and hope to keep busy. Here is to day one of our social isolation.