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Learning Ansible

So I have transitioned to a new job, but that hasn't stopped me from wanting to learn some of the things that I had been trying to do at my last job. One of those things was to learn Ansible, which is a way to automate some of the deployments for systems. I was looking at how could I use it to manage the Linux workstations that we were using. So I had been playing with it at Home, and finally have it working in some basic deployment situations. So far making sure that I have certain packages installed.

The next step is going to be really looking at how I can make it work consistently with the Web UI and eventually manage some of the networking gear that I have as well. It seems that this could be a great way to be able to build a system and make it work without having to do a ton of work. Things that I am thinking about managing right now are:

  • ntp
  • snmp
  • ssh
  • vim
  • Syslog
  • open-vm-tools

I will post as I work on more implementation.