Gardening Plans for 2023

By tadgeobrien, 5 February, 2023

So last year we did garden, but I must not have updated things here. I planted some different carrots, some beets, garlic, peppers and some pumkins. Everything came out okay but the pumpkins which I think I planted to late.

This year I am hoping to plant the following:

  • Fish Peppers which I really enjoy growing.
  • Zapotec Jalapeno which I enjoy eating.
  • Etiuda Pepper this is a new pepper for me this year.
  • Golden and Red Beets.
  • Spoon Tomato which was a free seed from Baker Creek.
  • Merlot Lettuce which was a free seed from Baker Creek.
  • Winter Luxury Pie Pumpkin which I didn't get last year.
  • Salad Sensation Spinach which is leftover older seed I have.
  • Anise or Hyssop Agastache for a tea garden.
  • Lavender Martini Agastache for a tea garden.
  • Paradiso Echinacea for a tea garden.
  • Chamomile Seeds for a tea garden,
  • Mountain Mint for a tea garden.
  • Purple Dragon Carrots which I had last year and are great.
  • Minnesota Midget Melons which is my 3rd try.
  • Golden Butterwax Bean which are tasty.
  • All of these I have either attempted to grow before and failed at doing things correctly or were free seeds that I never planted. I really can't wait to get to this again this year, as yesterday it was -8 F, and winter can't decide whether to stay or leave. I think this makes it worse then just snowing from the end of November to the middle of February. Then at least you know what you are getting during the winter months.

    Anyways I am happy that the days are simply getting longer.