Back Up

By tadgeobrien, 22 October, 2018

So I was trying to update the site once again, prepping to move to Drupal 8 as it were. However, at some point during the process I was a little too confident and didn't move content the way I should of. This lead to a white screen in Drupal. This usually means that the sys admin messed up, and I knew that was the case. So I scratch my head and started to shuffle backups and couldn't fix it. I knew it was time to walk away. That was about 3 months ago and as of today I have things back where I think they should be. I am sure I have a few other pieces to fix, but I can handle that with normal maintenance of the site.

So back at it again and going to try to write more here about who knows what at this point. I really have to define what it is I want to use the site for again. It has changed so much since I started to use Drupal for my website in 2010. I have changed jobs 4 times, gotten married, and done a ton of work on the house. I know for me one of the big things that I had wanted was to use this as a way to post pictures and videos. I still think that this is part of the goals of the site, but I am also thinking there are other things I would like to do.

Well regardless the technical piece is fixed for now so I should be able to start picking at the other pieces. I have a few different projects that I want to do right now including finishing setting up HTTPS for all of the sites. Updating Moodle and my Tiny RSS reader. I also want to move around Gitlab as I think I need to adjust how I have it configured. Well hopefully I will have a little seat time behind the computer to do those things to feel like I have things working as I want.

After that is done it is more Python and Arduino that I have been kind of ramping up on more and more in the past year. Can't wait to have a few more things to share regarding that. So lets see if I can write more often than in the past.