Gardening for 2020

Submitted by tadgeobrien on Mon, 01/18/2021 - 10:01

So in years past I was able to simply put my little garden in on the side of the house in a simple raised bed. Each year I would focus on one or two plants and kind of play around to see what happened. About three years ago up the street a group called 490 Farmers created a space where they rent out raised beds for city residents. So this year I decided I would rent a plot. This basically doubled the area that I have to grow stuff in. I have an entire 4x8 foot space to play with.

So normally I have just bought some seeds at the local Home Depot from Burpee. The seeds have always been great, but I have come across Baker Creek Seeds as well. They specialize a bit more in rare and heirloom seeds. So I thought I would branch out. So here is what I picked up to plant.

  • Pippin's Golden Honey Pepper
  • Fish Pepper
  • Beni Kodama Watermelon
  • Minnesota Midget Melon
  • Orchard Baby Sweet Corn
  • Sucrine Du Berry Squash
  • Golden Beet
  • Golden Butterwax Bean
  • I am excited about the melons I think the most. Each of the things that I picked I tried to get smaller footprints, so I can plant things close together and tightly to maximize my space. I am hoping to also try out the peppers, which I have always had a problem growing. So maybe this year I will be able to have some success. Regardless I am ready to play in the dirt again and see what I can grow.