Garden 2015

So one of the things that we tried last year and did okay with was a garden, so this Spring we gave it another go. This Spring unfortunately was a bit cooler and wetter than it was last year, but I think all and all we are doing okay. Overall I like the little bit of a challenge as well as knowing that I grew something I am eating.

This year we planted a few different things, so here here is our list and what seems to be going well at this point. The first set are our new attempts;

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Wedding Planning

We are working on planning our wedding, and I have decided to try to keep up the details at the following site.

Monitoring Thoughts

So for the last few years we have been working on developing the monitoring of our network. When I was first hired I was asked to look into what we might use. We were using What's Up Gold, but it had aged and wasn't being kept up. We were also using MRTG, but not on all of our links. Of course all the usually suspects showed up in all of my Google searches:

  • Nagios
  • Zenoss
  • Cacti
  • Zabbix

Then there were two that I hadn't seen before.

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Thought this was Interesting

Saw this and thought it was interesting.

Back Online

Well the site has been down for a few days. So it is back up. I will write a bit more later on about what happened, now just have to finish the rest of the sites.

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Banjo Practice

So my Uncle Jay and Aunt Syl after hearing that I wanted to play banjo were kind enough to get me a sweet banjo for Christmas. So I told my Uncle that I would post some videos of me practicing as I got better. I happened to see them over Mother's day and was asked when would I be posting the videos. Well Uncle Jay and Aunt Syl feast your eyes on this Banjo magic!


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