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Reflecting on 2016

So before I go posting anything about what I want to accomplish during 2017 I should probably stop and look at what I set out to do in 2016. So last year
I posted my resolutions/goals for 2016. So for a quick recap the goals are the first bullets and the secondary bullets are how I felt I did.

  • Sharpen my scripting programming skills, specifically Python and Perl.
    • So I feel like I have been doing okay on this, in fact I would say I have been successful with this. I have been working more on Python and Powershell, and I have actually written two simplistic scripts over the last year specific to tasks I had to complete. I am continuing to work on learning more Python via How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, which for me has been a great way to actively work on exercises in context.
  • Get in better shape ie start running and get back to about 170 or so.
    • Um this has been a yo-yo for me. I have had a few good weeks then a few bad months and so on. This one stays on the list as when I am making the time I feel really good about it.
  • Build a machine using Linux from Scratch.
    • So another non-finisher, but not a blatant fail. I did try to build a Linux machine based on Gentoo Linux and messed up somewhere. So I would call it an unsuccessful attempt. To make this a little more measurable I think I want to get the LPI Linux Essentials certificate. This would be something that I can actually use and build upon in the future hopefully.
  • Keep gardening like a mad man.
    • So with two huge tomato plants, we had kale and lettuce from the garden and Kat yelled at me all Summer for the way I planted things I would say we were successful. I also have three 1 gallon freezer bags of tomatoes to prove it.
  • Spend more time with my family at the house.
    • I have a new job with more reasonable hours, so I am going to say success. Have to talk to Kat to verify.
  • Start back up at school.
    • Nothing on this front. Basically still want to do something just not 100% sure what.