New ISP Provider

By tadgeobrien, 26 September, 2016

So last year about this time we were able to switch our ISP from Time Warner Cable to a local company called Greenlight Networks . To me it wasn't about just getting rid of Time Warner Cable, but rather knowing that the Technology that I was buying was more robust than the Coax service that Time Warner would be providing. Time Warner for the most part had great customer service, though it tended to be getting a little costly towards the end especially since I only was getting Internet, as all of my television watching is done over the air using rabbit ears (yes it is true I still use normal television, and I love it!).

So it has been a year and I have to say we only had one instance when there was an outage on their network that lasted any length of time. Again so far I have been pleased. Not to say that from the tests that I have ran that I wasn't getting what I was paying for from either provider. It is just that the new service is a lot more for less than what I had paid for in the past.

Both of these tests are from wired PCs. My biggest bottleneck would be the 100 Mb switch that I have running the wired portion of my network.

Time Warner Last year around this time. (Advertised 20 Mb x 2 Mb)

Greenlight this year (Advertised 100 Mb x 20 Mb)