Break Ins and Electricity

Well unfortunately I had a little B & E as the police call it. Yep my garage was broken into last week! Luckily for me I only had one item stolen, a used miter saw, while the church had their snow blower and lawn mower stolen.

See I woke up last week on Tuesday to some odd noises of a car pulling away, not much to think about since I do live about 10 feet from the road. So I walked downstairs getting ready for work, thinking that I would skip my routine of emptying the dehumidifier and grab coffee and go. So I did, and I would regret it.

Image Galleries Return

Well it took me a little fidgeting around, but image galleries are back up and running. I am hoping that I can get some of the older images that I had up prior. I have been working on this the last day, along with getting a few other things ready.

Reading and Writing

Well one of the goals here now is to be able to have this as a space to write. Write about everything that I find interesting as well as be able to categorize it, though we aren't there yet.

No Longer Tadge's Apartment

That is right! You heard correctly I have purchased a home. Now I am hosting this out of my house, and am running in a bit of a different format. I have decided that life has changed quite a bit and that it is time to move along...

I have made the move to a new house, have a new OS under the hood of the site, and a new software that I am going to be using. All of this will take some time, as I plan on moving most of the content from my last site over. So if this coming year you see some changes or the site seems to be up and down, no worries... We will be back in action.

New Site

Wholly cow! It is about time that TODC moved to a more dynamic site. Well I finally made it. I will be working slowly to update the content as I go along here as well as install some additional things so it isn't so plain...

Be on the look out for video and photos to be showing up. As well as a few other things.

Till then!


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