Back to School!

Wow we have been back to school now for over a month and it doesn't seem like I have stopped working. Every weekend has been filled with a variety of things. Whether it is working on the house, visiting friends and family, or playing the local ARG called Picture The Impossible here in Rochester. This has made the last month fly by!

Brindle, Bees, and Dill

Well I couldn't sleep the other night for some reason so I ended up staying up. I ended up working on installing Mythbuntu with mixed results. I have TV sometimes and not others. Either way I have some more work to do on that. However I think I have a plan. Since the machine that I currently installed it on has a 1.8 MHZ processor (I think) I am going to swap it out for a machine with a beefier processor and the same RAM. Anyways on with the update.

Caddy Shack Tribute

Mark at work thought it would be funny to poke some fun at me. Well he didn't know he would be on the web :)

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My Blender Animation

Well here is the first video that I am submitting on my new site. I had been trying to learn Blender prior to buying my house. This was the first animation that I created. Hopefully I will have some time to do a little more work in the coming year. I am guessing that this winter I may have a minute or two to try. It is a great little program and I would suggest it to anyone wanting to learn about animation.

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Break Ins and Electricity

Well unfortunately I had a little B & E as the police call it. Yep my garage was broken into last week! Luckily for me I only had one item stolen, a used miter saw, while the church had their snow blower and lawn mower stolen.

See I woke up last week on Tuesday to some odd noises of a car pulling away, not much to think about since I do live about 10 feet from the road. So I walked downstairs getting ready for work, thinking that I would skip my routine of emptying the dehumidifier and grab coffee and go. So I did, and I would regret it.

Image Galleries Return

Well it took me a little fidgeting around, but image galleries are back up and running. I am hoping that I can get some of the older images that I had up prior. I have been working on this the last day, along with getting a few other things ready.


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