Reading and Writing

By tadgeobrien, 17 July, 2009

Well one of the goals here now is to be able to have this as a space to write. Write about everything that I find interesting as well as be able to categorize it, though we aren't there yet.

With regards to this I have to give some insight into what I have been reading. Some of the reading I do is for fun, and lately I have been revisiting things that I have read before. This leads to interesting findings. For example I grabbed an old Linux User and Developer magazine and found that it was talking about the first release of Ubuntu. Now for some reason I can't find when this was dated, but a quick search in Google says October 2004 was when it was released. I guess I find this interesting since it has now been 5 years since I started using Linux and I am finding that I enjoy it more a more as time goes by.

The other piece that this makes me think of is where I am going with regard to my use of computers. I find now that I use technology without thinking or regarding what I may have done prior to having 24 - 7 access. This is somewhat scary, yet also interesting thinking about where we are going. Anyways as we build out this site I hope I get to share a bit more about my enjoyment of using open source software and why I enjoying learning and using OSS.