Image Galleries Return

By tadgeobrien, 26 July, 2009

Well it took me a little fidgeting around, but image galleries are back up and running. I am hoping that I can get some of the older images that I had up prior. I have been working on this the last day, along with getting a few other things ready.

I still haven't implemented video on the site yet, but we will have to see what happen next. I really have to say that the work that I have been doing so far has been relatively interesting. I really like the concept of a site that is more dynamic, with the majority of the investment in configuring new items, not typing up new pages. Since I was never really a HMTL coder or even a great web designer.

The next two things on my list of getting things done are videos to be uploaded and a way of tagging information to show different content that can be posted. Ie geek stuff/ work stuff/ life stuff.