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No Longer Tadge's Apartment

That is right! You heard correctly I have purchased a home. Now I am hosting this out of my house, and am running in a bit of a different format. I have decided that life has changed quite a bit and that it is time to move along...

I have made the move to a new house, have a new OS under the hood of the site, and a new software that I am going to be using. All of this will take some time, as I plan on moving most of the content from my last site over. So if this coming year you see some changes or the site seems to be up and down, no worries... We will be back in action.

So a little news on the house, we have almost finished painting two rooms. I have an estimate coming for a new boiler (wait to see the pictures of the old one!), and I haven't damage too much of the existing house.

One thing I did however learn today is Don't touch old plumbing from the gentleman who is giving me the estimate on the boiler. I talked to him to see if he might be able to fix the laundry sink drain, as I broke it while replacing the faucet... yes it is an old house. Either way this is good advice for anyone listening.

Alright time to go to bed. Till the next update.