My New Year's Resolutions

By tadgeobrien, 6 January, 2011

So we have started a New Year, or I have made it through another one. It all depends on your perspective. Either way one of the things that the New Year brings is opportunity. Those opportunities often take the shape of resolutions. This year I have a few that I want to work on myself. A few of them are personal growth pieces related to my personal life others are related to my professional life.

So here they are:

  1. Learn Processing to extend the work I did by taking my Intro to Java Class.
  2. Learn about and how to use HTML5 to add to my own knowledge of the web.
  3. Start running and exercising on a regular basis (this one I too have every year).
  4. Get control of my spending.
  5. Write more both here personally, as well as professionally.
  6. Present at a conference or two over the next year.
  7. Find out what it would cost to go back to school.
  8. Fix the front porch on the house and finish some of the painting in the house, including the doors.

The real goal here is to start to put things down so I can begin to work on them. I have started to at least find spaces that I can consistently document what I want to do, and actually have found some that work for me in relation to actually being able to finish them. So once again it is making somethings habits rather than simply day dreaming about doing them. Either way here is to a New Year and a post a month!