By tadgeobrien, 3 September, 2010

Well the new school year is finally here! Adding to the excitement is the fact that I just purchased a new car as well. I had been driving around my 2002 Mazda with a bit of a muffler problem and it was in need of new tires.

Since the car was getting up there in years I decided that instead of putting $1000 into repairs it might be wiser to put that towards a down payment. Well this lead to the search for a new car.

Since I haven't been new car shopping in almost 7 years and hadn't thought that much about replacing my current ride I was a little bit anxious even about what kind of car I wanted. Since Kat has a nice Subaru and I have always thought that the Outbacks were pretty sweet I got it in my head that was what I would be purchasing, so I set out looking.

In our area there are about 3 Subaru dealerships that are within range of where I would drive to do business. One on the North side of the city, one on the West side of the city, and one on the East side of the city. I headed out to the one on the East side as it seemed the furtherest away and was also where a lot of people purchase their Subaru's. So I started looking there. Sure enough the majority of what I was looking at were out of my price range, so it was off to another dealership down the road to see their inventory. Not much in the way of a Subaru, so I continued on to the dealership on the West side, they too didn't have much of a selection to look at, actually they only had two cars that I would have even looked at. So in the end I headed back out to the East side after checking each of the four dealerships in the area.

Unfortunately I couldn't get the Outback that I wanted, but had to settle for an Impreza that was on the lot. So after the entire process I ended up trading in my 2002 Mazda for a little under $3000 and walked away with a 2007 Subaru Impreza. Check it out!