Short Summer

By tadgeobrien, 9 August, 2010

Wow is it really August already? I swear this Summer has flown by... I haven't accomplished nearly half of the things that I had hoped.

This Summer has been quite eventful for me. It started out with a trip in June at the end of the school year to my Aunt and Uncle's down in Nashville TN for a little bit of a family reunion. This was a short and enjoyable trip, though next time I probably will try to stay a little longer. From there it was off
to the GLS Conference that was quite exciting. It was quite a different experience from most conferences that I have been to recently, a deeper focus on research that most. This was followed by a bout of a stomach flu that seemed to keep on keeping on for almost two weeks solid, this was unfortunate to say the least as it really put a damper on my life in general.

After the conference and the reunion I started up a course at our local community college on Java programming. It was literally a last minute thing since I didn't have the necessary prerequisites for the course I had to talk with the department head to gain access to the course. She didn't arrive back to school until the day the course started. So I have been doing that every Tuesday and Thursday, which has been quite an experience. I have to say this is the furthest my brain has been stretched in awhile with regards to mathematical and logical thinking.

So here it is now the second week of August and this is all I have accomplished. I haven't painted the rooms that I needed to at the house, or done some of the other things that needed to get done at the house. This has been the toughest part of the Summer so far. I did manage to get my gutter down spouts cleaned that was totally clogged by a ton of junk, I will also have the basement windows put in, so I guess I have done a little something. Though I has hoped to do a lot more well. I guess that is it for now. I think I am going to try to write more often overall, whether it is here or at work. Either way look for more this coming year.