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An En-lighting Experience

Well I have to say that one thing that I have struggled with in the house has been the light fixture that is over the dining room table. I actually like the fixture itself, though someone else doesn't , but it had been missing one of the glass globes. So I have been on the hunt for a replacement.

Since my hunt began just over a year ago I have bought and returned at least two sets of globes to one of the home centers. I also purchased at least two set of shades that clip on the light bulbs and returned them as well. So I finally swung out to a local lighting place called Tut Hill, since I figured I would talk to an expert.

Well I forgot to bring the globe, but had taken some pictures with me of the fixture. Needless to say within 3 minutes of being there, and an explanation of what I had, I was handed a card of a local lamp restoration shop. I couldn't believe it that they were ready to let me buy the piece I needed somewhere else. It is great to have that kind of knowledge in the area. I really appreciated the honesty about them not having anything that would work.

So after swinging home to pick up the actual glass globe I headed to the lamp shop. It was actually ironic since it ended up being a place I have driven by before and thought, Jeez that would be a neat place to check out". Needless to say I wasn't disappointed. The place was full of old lamps, odd fixtures, and a few glass bulbs. The gentleman behind the counter was an older hippie type and more than happy to help. Once he saw the piece and I explained my predicament, he pawed over the piece a moment or two as he was thinking. He then handed the piece back and told us to wait.

Two minutes later he reappeared with three globes that seemed a bit dirty, but where the exact same style. He shared his theory how a generation prior to his likely scrubbed the porcelain so much that it wore the light brown finish right off the globes that I had. So we agreed that I would buy one and see if I too could scrub the hell out of it.

So now I have five globes on my original fixture, its your job to tell me which is the newest one :)

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I never said I didn't like it! I just said it was bizarre...what's more bizarre is that you only posted a pic of the chandelier without the glass globes on it...stop making me sound like such a shrew!

Kiss me Kate

I never called you a shrew :) BTW I was going to post that picture earlier I just didn't have a second to do it since the battery of the camera died.


wah, wah, wah...

Looks good buddy!

You need to make it so you can click the pics and view larger.

My old eyes can't see that small sorry you're even older.

Crap Zach's graduation ceremony is tomorrow I guess that makes us both old!