YEAH Blender!!!!

By tadgeobrien, 15 January, 2010

Okay, okay, okay, so I am not any type of artist at this stage in my life. I dream about being able to draw so that I can do some neat things with the computer. Unfortunately the amount of time and skill it takes to become a decent artist are things that I lack at this time. Though I do try!

So anyway one of the things that I have become enamored with while I have been working with technology is the animation program Blender . Now it has been about two years since the last time I ran the program on my computer, but as always my tracks seem to cross themselves again. SO here it the excitement Blender is doing another open film!! Yes they have now done two open films, Big Buck Bunny and Elephants Dream, an open video game Yo! Frankie. Each of which I have enjoyed throughly! So now in the age of 1080 and 3-D they are going to be creating a 3-D film called Durian!!!

So if you like the concept of an film that you can watch for free, software that you can download and use for free consider making a donation by buying a copy of the film. I grabbed Yo! Frankie and will probably be making another donation the the Blender Foundation in the near future! (read buying the disc!)