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Back to School!

Wow we have been back to school now for over a month and it doesn't seem like I have stopped working. Every weekend has been filled with a variety of things. Whether it is working on the house, visiting friends and family, or playing the local ARG called Picture The Impossible here in Rochester. This has made the last month fly by!

I have been doing some basic stuff at the house such as finally putting the crown molding up in the living room, cleaning up the bit of clutter left from moving in, trying to get rid of the piano and setting up the dinning room table that I received from Grandma Marafino. Of course getting ready for the Winter since as I am writing this it is 37 out!!! So I am excited since that means the snow will be flying soon.

Oh another thing that I had a chance to do was visit my alma mater St Bonaventure for family weekend, since my girlfriend's cousin is a current student there. It was great to see the campus, but boy has it changed. They have redone the dorm that I lived in for the first few years of college. They eliminated the middle of the dorm where we use to hang out late night with friends. After walking around the campus we took Kat's cousin to greater Olean so that she could get some additional things for college. After we were done shopping we headed to Allegheny to check out the little festival that the town and college had put together. We go there when it was ending, but it was great since I ran into Rob DeFazio who had graduated a year prior to me. It was great to see someone that I knew was still there.

Anyways it was a great little trip and a busy start to the school year. I will try to keep on updating this as I work on my house and continue to enjoy the busy school year.