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Posts about the work on my house.

Garden 2015

So one of the things that we tried last year and did okay with was a garden, so this Spring we gave it another go. This Spring unfortunately was a bit cooler and wetter than it was last year, but I think all and all we are doing okay. Overall I like the little bit of a challenge as well as knowing that I grew something I am eating.

This year we planted a few different things, so here here is our list and what seems to be going well at this point. The first set are our new attempts;

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Well the new school year is finally here! Adding to the excitement is the fact that I just purchased a new car as well. I had been driving around my 2002 Mazda with a bit of a muffler problem and it was in need of new tires.

Since the car was getting up there in years I decided that instead of putting $1000 into repairs it might be wiser to put that towards a down payment. Well this lead to the search for a new car.

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Short Summer

Wow is it really August already? I swear this Summer has flown by... I haven't accomplished nearly half of the things that I had hoped.

This Summer has been quite eventful for me. It started out with a trip in June at the end of the school year to my Aunt and Uncle's down in Nashville TN for a little bit of a family reunion. This was a short and enjoyable trip, though next time I probably will try to stay a little longer. From there it was off

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An En-lighting Experience

Well I have to say that one thing that I have struggled with in the house has been the light fixture that is over the dining room table. I actually like the fixture itself, though someone else doesn't , but it had been missing one of the glass globes. So I have been on the hunt for a replacement.

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Home Improvements So Far

So it has been about a year since I have been in my house. So what have I done since then? Well according to Kat NOTHING! Though I do debate that fact.

Of course we have the wireless and wired installed, which to me is important. I have painted the kitchen, the living room and my office. Installed crown molding in the living room. Put up a motion detecting light on the garage. Put in a new gas line for a gas dryer, and haven't blown anything up yet!

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Snow and More Snow

So we had a few inches of snow here in Rochester over the last few days. Friday to Saturday we had 14" to be exact. It was great! I have to say I still enjoy that I get snow days, granted most of it was spent shoveling.

It was funny to me though that we actually had a snow day, as often times everyone is hoping and is simply disappointed. That is what I thought was going to happen, but as you can see from the pictures below we did have enough snow. I actually would have had to call into work if I had to go in, as I would have been running late.

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